Aviation is a passion that has been present in my life since childhood.

I am a journalist graduated in 2007 at Anhembi Morumbi University, in Social Communication with specialization in Creation of Screenplay for Productions, and post-graduation in Organizational Communication and Public Relations by Cásper Líbero College.


I have 17 years of experience in the segment.


At the age of 18, in October 2002, I began working as an archivist at ASAS magazine. In three months I was promoted to Production Assistant and a few years later I became an Editor.


In 2006 I was co-author of the work The Aeronautical Projects of Alberto Santos-Dumont, which had its reissue in 2012.


I am also co-author of the work Demoiselle Project - From Dream to Flight; the Official Guide of the Aerospace Museum; and organizer of Atech's Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms. In 2012 was released the luxury book 25 Years of Brazilian Army Aviation, of my own.


In December of 2015 I assumed the position of Editor-in-Chief of Força Policial magazine - SP. The police and public safety segment was also another matter of personal interest and of which I have always been very enthusiastic.


For more than 14 years at the publishing house, I have also accumulated experience in the holding of events and in the graphic accompaniment of editions, books and other editorial materials in order to guarantee the quality of the colors during printing.


I specialized in the planning and development of graphic projects of the most varied types - books, magazines and commemorative publications.


Since May 2017 I have been working as a freelancer in several Aviation and Public Safety projects with papers published in magazines AirForces Monthly (UK), Audi, Combat Aircraft (United Kingdom), Flap International, Força AéreaHeli Ops (New Zealand), Lotnictwo (Poland), Rotorblatt (Germany), Rotor Hub (UK), Tecnologia & Defesa, Safety & Security International, Military Technology (Spain) and The Aviation Historian (UK). In the electronic media I am with materials published at  Aero Latam aviation site and the defense Breach Bang Clear.


I work with the renowned Argentine journalist, Santiago Rivas, in editorial matters, editorial consulting and marketing, and aviation and defense at Pucará Press.


I have more than 65h00 of flight in military aircraft of the Brazilian Army Aviation, Brazilian Air Force, Ecuadorian Air Force, Brazilian Navy and Civil Police of the State of São Paulo, among jet aircraft, light attack, transport and helicopters. Of these, four hours with night vision goggles including with .50-in live shot and antisubmarine warfare mission.


Work experience in 17 air bases (Brazil, Ecuador and USA); Coverage of multinational exercises, national exercises and maneuvers (Agulha Negras, Cruzex, RAC, RAT).


In January 2018 I launched my first international work EMB-312 Tucano Brazil's Turboprop Success Story, in English and by the Austrian publishing house Harpia Publishing. Also by Harpia Publishing, the work EMB-314 Super Tucano Brazil's Turboprop Success Story Continues.


João Paulo Zeitoun Moralez